We now serve LUNCH on Thursdays & Fridays.

12 Noon to 3pm

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Step inside The Cuban and take a journey back in time with our signature authentic dishes and The Cuban ambiance!

Our Menu

Intertwining an undeniably unique menu with an impeccable service and a sophisticated Latin presence!

Private Parties

Have a very memorable experience at our Private Party Rooms ideal for just about any occasion!

Dining Menu


30. CHURRASCO Grilled skirt steak, Cuban yuca fries, watercress salad, chimichurri

29. MAR y TIERRA Grilled hanger steak, garlic shrimp, cream spinach, roasted potato, chimichurri

24. RABO ENCENDIDO Spicy braised boneless oxtail, bacon sweet plantain mash, white rice & black beans

21. ROPA VIEJA Braised skirt steak, tomato pepper sauce, white rice, black beans

24. VACA FRITA Twice cooked crispy skirt steak, tomato escabeche, avocado, white rice, black beans, garlic mojo

22. POLLO CRIOLLO Goffle Road free-range boneless half chicken, chorizo sweet plantain fried rice, garlic onion mojo

25. POLLO a la BRASA Goffle Road organic free-range rotisserie half chicken, Catalan spinach, chicken au jus

19. POLLO A LA PARRILLA Grilled chicken breast, creamy yuca mash, vegetable escabeche, scallion mojo

24. EL CLASSICO Roasted pork shank, moro rice, garlic orange mojo, yuca con mojo, sweet plantain, pickled red onions

30. BOLICHE Braised short rib, chorizo, roasted pumpkin, manchego onion rings, tempranillo au jus

24. SALMON Pan seared salmon, coconut parsnip puree, roasted mushroom, basil chimichurri

MP. PESCADO DEL DIA Chef's preperation

24. ENCHILADO CAMARON y VIERIAS Shrimp, bay scallops, spicy tomato broth, arroz verde, crispy green plantain

26. PAELLA VALENCIANA. Saffron rice, shrimp, bay scallops, mussels, clams, chorizo, chicken, garlic aioli

22. QUINOA de VEGETALES Red quinoa, stirfry, seasonal vegetables, coconut curry broth, crispy shallots



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