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Step inside The Cuban and take a journey back in time with our signature authentic dishes and The Cuban ambiance!

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Intertwining an undeniably unique menu with an impeccable service and a sophisticated Latin presence!

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Lunch Menu

Thursday & Friday 11:30p – 3:00p



8. EMPANADITAS DE POLLO Chicken fricasse, charred tomatillo, black bean puree 8. SOPA del DIA Soup of the day 12. CAMARONES al AJILLO Garlic shrimp, guindilla pepper, toasted bread 8. CROQUETAS de HONGOS Wild mushroom croquette, truffle aioli 10. PAN con POLLO Crispy chicken thighs, lotus leaf steam bun, pickled jalapeno, criollo aioli, iceberg 8. CROQUETAS de JAMON Smoked ham, sofrito, horseradish aioli 8. MADUROS con TOCINO Smoked bacon wrapped sweet plantain, sherry spiced glaze, framers cheese 8. DEDITOS de BACALAO Crispy salted cod, pickled, sour orange mojo, ajicito pepper remoulade 14. AGUACATE con CANGREJO Cuban guacamole, super lump crabmeat, plantain chips MP. CEVICHE del DIA Chef’s preparation of the day’s ceviche 12. MEJILLONES con CHORIZO Mussels, chorizo, spicy tomato broth, hand cut fries, garlic lemon aioli 8. BERENJENA Crispy eggplant fries, roasted tomato escabeche, manchego cheese, truffle lavender honey 10. TAMAL en HOJA Sweet corn tamal, pork confit, pickled onions




22. CHURRASCO Grilled skirt steak, chimichurri, chorizo sweet plantain fried rice 10. EL CUBANO Pressed roasted pork sandwich, ham, cantimpalo, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, garlic mojo, plantin chips 15. MASITAS de PUERCO Crispy pork morsels, arrozmoro, sweet plantains 14. HAVANA CLUB Grilled chicken sandwich, avocado, bacon, tomato, Swiss cheese, lemon aioli AGUCATE con PAN12 Grilled bread, avocado, farmers cheese, poached eggs ... With Crispy Bacon 14. - Super Lump Crab 16. 12. ENSALADA CESAR Grilled little gem lettuce.chickpeas,roasted garlic crouton, soft poached egg, buttermilk caesar, farmers cheese ... Grilled Chicken 16. - Grilled Skirt Steak 18. - Grilled Shrimp 20. 12. ENSALADA COBB CUBANA Baby romaine, chickpeas, house smoked bacon, avocado, blue cheese, aged sherry vinaigrette ... Grilled Chicken 16. - Grilled Skirt Steak 18. - Grilled Shrimp 20. 12. ENSALADA de REMOLACHA Roasted beet salad,guava whipped goat cheese, candied pecans,orange segments, pickled shallots, Perdro Ximenez vinaigrette ... Grilled Chicken 16. - Grilled Skirt Steak 18. - Grilled Shrimp 20. 12. FRITA Chorizo & beef mini sliders, tomato jam, oniones cabeche, hand cut fries ... With Crispy Bacon 14. 16. ROPA VIEJA Twice cooked braised skirt steak, tomato pepper sauce, white rice, black beans 16. POLLO al a PARRILLA Goffle road organic free range grilled chicken breast, creamy yuca mash, vegetable escabeche, scallion mojo 16. POLLO CRIOLLO Goffle road organic free-range boneless half chicken, chorizo sweet plantain fried rice, garlic onion mojo 17. SALMON Pan seared salmon, coconut parsnip puree, roasted mushrooms, basil chimichurri 17. BACALAO a la VIZCAINA Slow braised salt cod, crispy yuca, sunny egg, avocado 16. VACA FRITA Twice cooked crispy skirt steak, tomato escabeche, avocado, white rice, black bean, garlic mojo 18. RABO ENCEDIDO Spicy on the bone braised oatail, bacon sweet plantain mash, white rice & black beans 14. CHILAQUILES de POLLO Corn tortilla, sunny egg, chicken, salsa verde, avocado, queso fresco, sour cream 16. QUINOA y VEGETALES Red quinoa, stir fry, seasonal vegetables, coconut curry broth, crispy shallots 6. GAURNICIONES/SIDES White Rice &Black Beans, Tostones, Avocado, Maduros, Handcut Fries, Garlic Spinach, YucaFrita, Baby Kale, Bacon, Bacon Sweet Plantain Mash, Arroz Moro

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